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This series on cancer is not to offend anyone, although some may consider the images to be graphic in nature. The purpose is to show the aspects of cancer that most people don't or can't see... unless they encountered it firsthand. The pain, hopelessness, shock, loss of control, and ultimately the salvation that occurs through it all.

The second time my mother was attacked by cancer I was living in Japan, a thirteen hour time difference from home. People often associate the pain of cancer with the treatment the victims must undergo, however, I spent many American nights on the phone with her, while she spent sleepless nights crying in anguish, just wishing the pain would decrease enough so she could close her eyes and get a little sleep.

This was all before she was even diagnosed. After the diagnosis, she called me in the middle of the night her time. The idea that cancer could be back was the furthest thing from her mind when she went in to get the stomach pain checked. She had just defeated this disease a few years earlier. It seemed too cruel.

From this point in, she began asking me why God was testing her with this again. This strong, enduring woman; who had a few years earlier defeated breast cancer, and during that time, had grown to trust God more than anyone else I know, was now going through such an ordeal that she didn't know where to turn.
Those moments of questioning and uncertainty came and went over the next few months, but ultimately she maintained her faith in His will. Those struggles, those feelings that lead one down that path are feelings that no one other than those who have been through it will ever know, and I have tried to show in this series of image just some of the pain and emotion that going through this trial has evoked.

I call the final image "Deliverance." There's not much to be said about this shot, but I hope that these works will be looked at as a whole story, with Deliverance being the conclusion. I hope that in this image, you can see beyond the simplicity into the meaning behind the image.

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