03.18.09 Impatience is a Virtue

::Foto of the Day:: 52/10 Impatience is a Virtue Isn’t it impatience that enables us to act? I think patience allows us to become stagnant, and not strive to do anything better. How is that virtuous?Actually I completely understand how patience is a virtue, but […]

02.22.09 Over My Head

::Foto of the Day::Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself. So now onto last week’s before and after photos. Kinda BEFORE: As you can see my gas mask didnt have any eye coverings.  So that’s one thing I had to add in photoshop, not only that […]

02.16.09 Toxicity

::Foto of the Week::FANTiM.COM52/6 It wasn’t me! Ok so now a look at last week’s image. I started out by painting my face. This took a long time to do, mainly cause the kabuki picture I was using as a reference was in a different […]

02.02.09 Rock and a Hard Place

::Foto of the Day:: FANTiM.COM 52/4 You have to make tough choices in life and see where they take you, because the alternative won’t get you anywhere. This week I will tell you about last weeks photo. Here is a before shot: FANTiM.COM I had […]

01.26.09 At Peace

::Foto of the Day:: FANTiM.COM 52/3 This weeks image is kind of my farewell photo to my apartment. Every weekend when I should have been sleeping I would wake up to the sound of helicopters flying over me. I hated it, but secretly I loved […]

01.23.09 Locked Out – 52/2

::Foto of the Day:: Ok for this weeks 52 I decided to do a before and after so you could kinda see the process that went into this photo. After This is the after shot (which I’ll talk more about in a minute). Before The […]

01.21.09 Matthew’s Headshots

Foto of the Day FANTiM.COM Here are some headshots that I did recently FANTiM.COM Same image with a little effect FANTiM.COM And another one Be sure to check out my 52 Projects page and you can also find me on Flickr. ________________________ Brought to you […]

01.17.09 Not So Safe – 52/1

FANTiM.COMNot So Safe – 52/1While taking Aaron Nace’s classes I’ve decided to go ahead and do a 52 Project. I will be posting 1 photo a week for a year. This one was inspired by my recent immersion into zombie films. Not sure why the […]

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